See, Hear, Feel

Activate your senses, practice, and create new narratives.

Practicing is a pure humanistic approach to acquire knowledge. Practicing is a form of being in relation with the world. In this kind of relationship, we need to activate our senses, understand the current reality and give ourselves the permission to create new realities.

Amir Mehrani

Amir’s passion by heart is to encourage people, organizations, and communities to thrive by supporting them discover their purpose, strengths, and opportunities. Committed to transforming conversations and gaining the higher ground where people work together.
By facilitating strategic conversations, Amir enthusiastically encourages stakeholders to positively identify possible opportunities to thrive and live the future today. With 20+ years of experience, he partners with executives through coaching to spot their exceptional strengths, live with integrity, and clarify expected results.
Using Appreciative Inquiry as a philosophical foundation and other strengths-based methods, Amir helps individuals, organizations and communities, take advantage of what gives life to them.

How Can I Help You?

I can help encourage people in organizations and communities to enable themselves as change-makers and collaborate to solve complex problems.

  • The Practitioner Mindset Program
  • Leadership Lab (Experiment Leadership Skills)
  • Change Facilitation
  • Organization Alignment 
Methods and Philosophy
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Transformative Facilitation
  • Theory U
  • Art as Therapy
  • Instructional Design

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